Neural Foundations of Ayres Sensory Integration®

“ASI intervention is based on the concept of neuroplasticity, that is, that the nervous system changes in response to experience. Thus, through guided participation in sensorimotor activities targeting a child’s individual needs, ASI intervention is hypothesized to improve function, skill, and behaviour as a basis for participation in everyday activities. More specifically, ASI proposes that active engagement, in individually tailored sensorimotor activities, contextualized in play, at the just-right-challenge, promotes adaptive behaviours via neuroplastic changes that occur in response to these experiences.” (Lane et al 2019)

See: Brain Sci. 2019, 9(7), 153; Perspective

Neural Foundations of Ayres Sensory Integration®

Shelly J. Lane 1,2,*,Zoe Mailloux 3,Sarah Schoen 4,Anita Bundy 1,Teresa A. May-Benson 5,L. Diane Parham 6,Susanne Smith Roley 7 and Roseann C. Schaaf 3

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