Sensory Modulation for Traumatised Adolescents in a Residential Setting

Abstract There is a compelling need for varied “trauma specific” treatment models for children and adolescents with complex trauma in residential treatment whose affect and behavioral dysregulation disrupts daily living and impedes treatment engagement. This conceptual paper introduces exploratory applications of sensory motor approaches to the treatment of affect and behavioral dysregulation. Sensory Integration, a…

Evidence-Based Guidelines for Occupational Therapy Using Ayres Sensory Integration

ICEASI has recommended education standards for competency to practice Ayres Sensory Integration. AOTA have published an article, including the table below, in their publication OT Practice in 2017 discussing this in more detail. Sadly the full article is not accessible to those who are not AOTA members. This publication makes recommendations for international education standards for Ayres’…

Vestibular processing is altered in some children with ADHD.

Did you know that a study by an OT, Valeria Isaac, and her colleagues, has shown that some children with ADHD have measurable differences in how they process vestibular input? The study, which was carried out in Santiago, Chile was presented by Valeria at ESIC in Austria in 2017 and is entitled “Altered Cervical Vestibular-Evoked Myogenic Potential in Children…

What is Occupational Therapy about?

Although not limited to Occupational Therapy using Ayres’ Sensory Integration, this great video about Occupational Therapy from AOTA is a great one to share, it makes clear the links between functional participation in daily life and therapy.

Research about sensory processing styles in adults

We had a great weekend thinking about how to support people with sensory integration difficulties . We talked about how we are all sensory beings, and how sensory preferences shape who we are, our hobbies and our careers…this article explores sensory processing and how this can impact attachment, coping and relationships. Read more here